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Razor – Executioner’s Song [Review]


Razor is a Speed Metal/Thrash Metal band from Canada. Thrash with Speed do Razor. I like the band name and the album artwork of a man wearing eye mask with a guitar in his hand with spikes band on his wrist, it’s cool.

I like both Speed Metal and Thrash Metal for me both are almost same except for the Speed and Thrashing part. Executioner’s Song is a kickass (I hate to use this word, but, here I’ve no choice when the album is oh-so-cool) album and a must listen to.

My picks from the Executioner’s Song are “Take This Torch”, “Fast And Loud”, “City Of Damnation”, “Escape The Fire”, “Distant Thunder”, “Hot Metal”, “Death Race”, “Time Bomb” and “The End”.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10

Amorphis – The Beginning Of Times [Review]


People fall in love at first sight; I fell in love with a song by Amorphis called “Battle For Light” in the album The Beginning Of Times at the first listen. Man, what a fantastic song with its growls and clean vocals and heavy guitar riffs and cool drumming.

I can now easily say that with this Amorphis have made me say that “Amorphis is one of my favourite Metal bands”.

Next up is the awesome song, the second one, “Mermaid” with its melodic guitar riffing accompanied by drums that are a pleasure to listen to the ears and add to this an opening solo, wow. The vocals are mindblowing and when this song is played, it feels heavenly; it’s like a musical yo-yo which is beautiful.

As I proceed listening to other songs on The Beginning Of Times, I can’t but look with awe at Amorphis, because as a first-time listener of their music I find meaning in their music, beauty in the way the songs are composed and the lyrics written and overall the vocals and the co-ordination among the different musicians in the band gels together perfectly.

Despite being a long album at 13 songs I enjoyed listening to The Beginning Of Times. This album is worth many a listens. My picks from The Beginning Of Times are “Battle For Light”, “Mermaid”, “You I Need”, “My Enemy”, “Song Of The Sage”, “Reformation”,  “Escape”, “Crack In A Stone”, “Beginning Of Time” and “Heart’s Song”.

What an album these chaps from Finland have made. Awesome is the perfect word to describe it.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10

Pentagram – Last Rites [Review]


From the US of A come Doom Metallers Pentagram. Last Rites opens with a Melodic Heavy Metal song called “8” which is followed by the instrumental song “All Your Sins (Reprise)”.

The album artwork of a skeleton wearing a hooded gown with a feather in its hand for a pen and a book in its front on a chair with the name Last Rites etched on it reminds me of Skeletor, the villain in He-Man: The Master of Universe.

The songs that I like in Pentagram’s Last Rites are “American Dream”, “Horseman”, “Everything Turning Into Night”, “Call The Man”, “Death In 1st Person”, “Nothing Left”, “Treat Me Right”, “Walk In Blue Light” and “Windmills And Chimes”.

Overall, a highly enjoyable album and worth many a listens.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10

Autopsy – Macabre Eternal [Review]


Autopsy is a Death Metal band from the USA. Macabre Eternal opens with a dark and grim song “Hand Of Darkness” which sees the vocalist growl and the music play fast with pounding drums and guitar riffs which go insane. “Hand Of Darkness” is a headbanger’s delight.

Maniacal and drone-ish drumming is what is seen in the next and second song “Dirty Gore Whore”. Typical Death Metal cookie monster growls combined with guitar riffs which cut like a see-saw and long screeches, “Dirty Gore Whore” is enjoyable.

Macabre Eternal is a cool album but what I don’t like about it is it is a lengthy album with 12 songs and that’s quite a strain on the mind especially if you run a online Metal music magazine like me and have to review many albums.

My picks from Macabre Eternal are “Hand Of Darkness”, “Dirty Gore Whore”, “Always About To Die”, “Macabre Eternal”, “Born Undead”, “Sewn Into One”, “Sadistic Gratification” which is the longest song on Macabre Eternal at 11 minutes and 15 seconds and “Spill My Blood”.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10

Kryptos Cancel “Coils Over India” Tour To Promote Upcoming Album “The Coils Of Apollyon”


Bengaluru-based Thrash Metallers Kryptos have cancelled their 40 days tour of India called “Coils Over India” to promote their upcoming album “The Coils Of Apollyon”.

Below-mentioned is what Kryptos’ Nolan Lewis who handles vocals and guitars wrote in a note in his Facebook profile.

“As many of you know we had scheduled a huge 40 day tour of India to promote our new album The Coils of Apollyon. Unfortunately due to the way certain events panned out we had to take the unfortunate decision to postpone the tour by at least a couple of months. It wasn’t an easy decision and we tried to wait until the nth hour to see if it was possible but it eventually didn’t work out.

We can’t really divulge too many details as to why it has been postponed but to put things in a nutshell we’re currently working with our publisher in Germany to get the best record deal possible and we decided it would be in everyone’s best interest if we rescheduled the tour to coincide with a worldwide release of the album.

We apologize to everyone who was eager to see us play in their city and we’re pretty bummed out that we can’t do it at this point in time as well. We were rearing to go but it looks like we’ll all have to wait a little bit longer. But then again good things come to those who wait.”

Nolan also wrote the below-mentioned in addition to the tour about the upcoming album.

“On the album front, The Coils of Apollyon is complete and is all set to snake its way into the hands of metal heads all over the planet once we are given the green signal from our dark overlords.”

Shining – VII: Född Förlorare [Review]


From Sweden in Scandinavia hail the Black Metal band Shining. Three men with their faces down is the album artwork, I don’t known Swedish, otherwise I’d found out what the album name meant, then I’d have been in a better position to relate it to the album artwork.

In “Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel” the first song on the album, Shining captured my mind and my imagination, what a pleasure it is to listen to this song. The second song “Tiden Läker Inga Sĺr” the vocalist screams his lung out and the music plays like music for a requiem with the wonderful drumming being a good accompaniment to the song being sung, all in all a melodic Black Metal song it is.

“Människa O’Avskyvärda Människa” the third song on this album is fantastic with superb guitar riffs and excellent drumming and Black Metal solo. “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt” the fourth song is the longest song on VII: Född Förlorare at 9 minutes and 22 seconds and opens with soft keyboards music and then takes a turn for the heavy with the guitar riffs and drumming like that of a military band. This song is like one foot being raised in the air and then stomped and then same with the another foot, that is with breaks and the vocals are clean and soft kind of vocals I would hear in a rock song, but despite this the song isn’t that enjoyable, it is satisfying at best.

Shining proceed to deliver two more beautiful songs in the form of the fifth song “I Nattens Timma” which is heavily keyboards based and the sixth and final song on VII: Född Förlorare “FFF”. Standard Black Metal served with panache and well thought out time patterns and backed by a hard rock and opera like performance. I wouldn’t be wrong if I classified Shining’s kind of Black Metal as “Melodic Progressive Black Metal”.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10

Enslaved – Thorn [Review]


Enslaved is a Progressive Black Metal band from Norway. The album art of a statue, kind of some pagan statue in the backdrop of hills is quite cool. Despite being a 2-song EP, Thorn is enjoyable with the first song “Disintegrator” being quite mature and cool. The next, second and final song on this EP “Striker” is OK with there being nothing special or on something which one can find the stamp of Enslaved.

A good EP that can be listened to once.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 7/10

Absu – Abzu [Review]


Absu is a Black Metal/Thrash Metal band from the US of A. The album artwork is ultra kewl and depicts a green colour building with a circle in the middle of the building. In the circle are an arrow sign, triangle and pentagram. Right outside the building is a network of cables with a circle in the centre of it.

Absu have named this album as “Abzu”, I don’t know why they have named it so, either they were too lazy to think of a new name or they thought Abzu could be a spell and since it was similar to the band name, replacing the “s” in Absu the band name with a “z” would be great.

Abzu opens with a mighty cracker of a song in the form of “Earth Ripper”. The Black Metal/Thrash Metal combination is just right. I like both Black Metal and Thrash Metal, for me this is like Gorgoroth meets Slayer. Hahaha!

“Circles Of The Oath” is the song that follows “Earth Ripper”. Circles Of The Oath reminds me of some kind of pagan ritual. Next song is “Abraxas Connexus” which is a great track in itself and is beautiful and a pleasure to listen.

Abzu is a wonderful album and I’m sure it will be a delight to the fans of Black Metal and Thrash Metal. Songs that I would recommend are “Earth Ripper”, “Circles Of The Oath”, “Ontologically, It Became Time & Space”.

The longest song on Abzu is “A Song for Ea including: (a) E-A (b) A Myriad of Portals ( c) Third Tablet ( d) Warren of Imhullu ( e) The Waters – The Denizens ( f) E-A (Reprise)” at 14 minutes and 26 seconds and it doesn’t disappoint. These 14 minutes and 26 minutes aren’t a waste but worth the time spent.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10

Hat – Vortex Of Death [Review]


Hat is a Norwegian Black Metal band. Hat means Hate in Norwegian. The album artwork is cool and depicts a skeleton with a woman’s hair wearing a black gown and wings on her back. The way the skeleton is looking up is cool.

Vortex Of Death opens with the nice song “Inhumanas Revelatio” which is I hate to use this word kickass. Man, what a way to open a Black Metal album. This just shows why the Black Metal bands from Norway and Scandinavia are cool and again I hate to use this word rock.

The second song is “Invocation Of Death”. I like songs with cool names, this one takes it one step forward not only is the song cool but it shows the musical maturity and outlook that the members of Hat hold.

I don’t know what more to say about Vortex Of Death except that it isn’t Black Metal close to the standards of the Black Metal elite like Darkthrone, Immortal, Gorgoroth, Burzum but Hat manage to carve out a place for themselves.

My picks from Vortex Of Death are “Inhumanas Revelatio”, “Invocation Of Death”, “The Flesh I Wear”, “The Path To Immortality”, ”Overmenneske”, “Ultimate Evil” and “Slaves Of Insanity”.

The Right Hand Path’s Rating – 10/10